The world of calmart
I've always loved walking barefoot. Since 2007 it has become a life experience and the reason for an exciting research which led me to the creation of innovative products.

The questions I asked myself were: what are the real obstacles to walk barefoot, and what obstacles are constructed from a psychological barrier because of cultural conditioning? In which countries, places, public buildings, shops, or in what social circumstances it is not approved or allowed to walk barefoot, and are they always good reasons? Why do we need shoes, even when it is not really necessary, or even unhealthy for our feet? Have we forgotten that our feet are sensory instruments?

To answer these questions and learn about the psychological barriers to overcome, I examined how reasonable and healthy it is, to live and travel the world without shoes. From this were born several videos and video series, documenting my own experience. 
In addition of creating videos and DVDs, the experience challenged me to design a new range of innovative products to walk and run barefoot.

In Italy, for my translation work and for the production of videos, I have been honored as an honorary member of the Club Nati Scalzi (born barefooters). Because of my commitment to the club to officially register it as an association, last year I was elected as vice-president of the club. There I was able to better analyze what moves and motivates people who love to go barefoot. But I also had direct contact with the fears and problems related to it and to the desired solutions. This was a good addition to my personal experience.

I found out that many people like to go barefoot, but that most of them once they are in public, feel ashamed. They also fear of being stigmatized in socially negative way. They would like to buy shoes without soles, or with minimal pices of, but are not there.

Recently came on the market some innovative models of shoes that resemble the sensation of walking barefoot like the Vibram Five Fingers, Feelmax, Inov, etc.. . Pity that in these shoes your feet and especially the soles of the feet are closed, and can not really feel and touch the surface. As a barefooter, as well as a designer, I can not find in those models and styles.

Many millions of people in countries such as Australia, India, most of Asia and South America, where year-round climate is warm or hot, and where the shoes and heels soon become a torture for the feet, have so far tried alternative for shoes with flip-flops. 
I think a better solution that dress decently feet leaving them free, it would be greeted with a big welcome.

As a designer, and as a barefooter, I proposed myself to design shapes of footware that leaves the soles of the feet as free as possible and where touch, feel, and sense from our feet remain usable.

At the beginning of 2010 I started to draw and design trendy models of shoes and sandals for walking and running barefoot. To be well dressed without sacrificing the pleasure of touch and the freedom of your feet, I designed several different models. For leisure or formal occasions, but also for the special one.

In finding an appropriate name for the brand, I contemplated the factor of freedom, and the innovative style of design. A name brand that has the sound of the sensuality of the sense of touch. That evokes images of a minimalist lifestyle, and highlights the innovative feature of these creations, being without sole:


The registration of this brand name is made by the B.B.I.E. and is now my own brand name. Drawings and collection are stored in an i-Depot.

I hope soon to be able to surprise you by presenting my products.

Are you interested in becoming a financial partner to launch the production of SinSuela barefoot shoes and sandals?

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