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The main content and artistic principles in my work are based on examining and observing the contact points in the lines between the essence of things and perception, and between the shape of the structures and the sensory experience.
The analysis of the key points of contact in the line of balance between man and nature, challenged me to a live experiment and to gather the inspiration to share the experience through video documentaries: 
Living and travel barefoot ››››.

By touching the soil with my bare feet I can feel everywhere as part of the whole, and I can observe and investigate the sensorial experience of the form of elements and structures. The impressions and experiences that I get, lead me to insight and inspiration that comes to expression through the development of innovative ideas and products like my SinSuela collection ››››.
Lines and shapes fascinate me in their essence. Particularly lines and shapes found in nature. They own perfection and harmony, and contain all existing structures and elements.

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by Modonutti C.
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barefoot schoes and sandals

With their deep blue eyes and her graceful figure, the Siamese cat is a true beauty. It is an image of elegance. Hardly any other breed loves their man so unconditionally as the Siamese.

The Oriental Shorthair is a member of the Siamese family. like any of the Siamese type, have almond-shaped eyes and a wedge-shaped head with large ears that fit in the wedge of the head. Their bodies are very elegant yet muscular. When seeing an Oriental Shorthair, one would never guess them to be as solid as they are.

Be enchanted in the fascinating world of my loved cats. Have fun while surfing on Calmart Cattery website ››››