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Siamese and oriental shorthair
My Ladies
Lady Morgain Choircats Katalekta  
Oriental Shorthair OSH, 
color Lavendel ORI c, 
Pedigree N.K.V., born on 11.04.2008.
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Choircats Katalekta - Lady Morgain
Gorredijk 18 october 2009 - EFFL - Mundicat - Nomination certificate

Judge’s report: Sara Ojaniemi
Type: Elegant, exellent body shape and proportion. Ex. muscletone, fine weight
Head: Narrow nicely balanced wedge, nice profile
Eyes: ♥ Ex. Green! Ex. almond shape, very very nice size, setting
Ears: Medium sized, fine set
Coat: Ex. short, close lying, silkery in texture. Nice even lilac color
Tail: Ex. lenght and shape
Condition: Exellent
Remarks: Friendly and sweet ♥
Qualification: Ex. 1 CAC

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Lady Godiva - Lenromas Godiva
Siamese Chocolate Point SIA b, 
Pedigree N.K.V., born on 15.04.2010
Lenromas Godiva - Lady Godiva
SINT NIKLAAS - 26 october 2010 - KMVK Nomination certificate

Judge’s report: Leen Kort
Type: Exellent body shape
Head: Nice profile
Eyes: Nice shape, its deep laying, nice color
Ears: Could be more large on the basis and have a deeper setting
Coat: Exellent simmetry, slim 
Tail: Exellent lenght and texture
Condition: Good

Qualification: Ex. 1